Links to Institutions with Evidence on Government Regulations

Research Institutions that Provide Evidence on the Effects of Regulation

American Enterprise Institute – AEI


Cato Institute: Research on financial, environmental, food and drug, labor, telecom, and other regulation. (See also the journal Regulation, Freedom in the 50 Statesand Economic Freedom of the World sites and reports, and Terence Kealey on science policy)

Competitive Enterprise Institute – CEI

Crime Prevention Research Center – CPRC

Economic Freedom Network: member organizations in more than 80 nations)

Fraser Institute (Canada)

George Washington University Regulatory Studies Center: Works to improve regulatory policy by raising awareness of regulations’ effects through research, education, and outreach.

Heartland Institute: Addresses regulation in Budget & Tax News and has posted thousands of documents on the topic in a free online database called

Heritage Foundation: Formulates and promotes public policies based on the principles of free enterprise, limited government, and individual freedom.

Hoover Institution: Concerned with the scientific basis (or lack of it) of regulation.

Independent Institute

Institute for Justice – IJ: Research on matters related to freedom of speech, economic liberty, property rights, and school choice.

Institute of Public Affairs – IPA (Australia)

Institute of Economic Affairs – IEA (London): Undertakes research examining the problems caused by regulation and into market-generated alternatives to government regulation.

Institute for Liberty and Democracy – ILD

Institutional Review Blog: News and commentary about Institutional Review Board oversight of the humanities and social sciences

Jerusalem Institute for Market Studies – JIMS (Israel): Addresses regulation in Israel and is responsible for more than 30 research papers on the topic, all available on JIMS’ website.

Library of Economics and Liberty

Manhattan Institute for Policy Research – MI

Mercatus Center at George Mason University

Mises Institute

National Center for Public Policy Research: Analysis and commentary on regulation of environment, climate, civil rights, asbestos, forestry, nuclear power, sprawl, and affirmative action.

New Zealand Initiative (New Zealand): Analyses and documents the effects of regulation on housing affordability, foreign investment, and the use of natural resources.

Pacific Research Institute – PRI

Reason Foundation

We invite submissions of the names of other institutions that fit the description, above and that publish in English, for listing on this page. We also invite representatives of the institutions listed to submit a thumbnail description of their institution that relates to their role in providing evidence on regulation; i.e. one which could not be objected to on objective grounds.