Spotlight on DMV Regulation: “Kafka Goes to the [DMV]”

Based on an article by Stephen Miller published September 17, 2017:

“[A] 40-year-old woman—my daughter—who applied for a New York driver’s license. The process began in June. Three months later, she still has no license, owing to conflicting bureaucratic regulations.

“Fifteen years ago my daughter lived in New York and had a license there. She kept it when she went to Indiana for law school. But when she moved to Los Angeles after graduation, she got a California license. Last year she moved back to New York, but she had lost her California license, so she submitted documentation showing her driving record was unblemished. ‘I’m sorry,’ an employee at the New York Department of Motor Vehicles told her, ‘but we cannot issue you a New York driver’s license.'” Read more on WSJ here.

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