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Kesten C. Green
3 October 2016 (Update 13 October)

UPDATE: The Checklist has been revised to improve the ordering of the 10 items and is now available as a pdf form so that it can be saved onto your computer and completed electronically.

Will that proposed new regulation be successful in increase the general welfare? Is that old regulation making us better off than we would be without it?

To help regulators and reviewers of regulations to answer those questions in a logical structured way, we have revised the conditions for successful regulation from our 2013 paper (Armstrong & Green 2013) in response to feedback that we have received  and in order to present them in the form or an easy to use checklist.

We have provided a pdf copy of the one-page checklist for users to print out and complete. The checklist includes space for brief notes and to record urls that link to evidence and extended analysis if these are available.

To view the checklist, see the Conditions necessary for successful regulation page.


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“There is no form of market failure, however egregious, which is not eventually made worse by the political interventions intended to fix it” -- Original source unknown


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